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Whether talking about a friendship or relationship the word forever ruins everything.Why? Well because as soon as you hear it ,it puts you in the mind set of endlessness.Then when someone breaks up with you ,or when best friends drift apart it makes it ten times worse . Makes you actually believe that something can last a lifetime.It can't .I don't care what anybody says ,it's bullshit. Something can last for years and end .Is that an eternity?Is that forever?No .It's a span of time you wasted.Forever is when you have someone Wife,Husband,Friend,etc. that's there when you're old and soggy .When you become annoying .When you do something horrible and they're still there .When you're brain dead on life support .....sorry.Trying to make a point.......People throw that word around like it's trivial .They say it for the moment not for what it really means.Think about it.


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