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“Keep quiet and people will think you a philosopher.”

Once upon a time there was a Queen of a vast world called Kiavibech that knew all. Every little secret thought erased from the face of the Earth was kept deep within the crevices of her brain.How did she come to acquire such precious gifts you might ask? Well let's just say when you're quiet...people love to fill the silence. The Queen loved all of her subjects. The liars, and criers, illegal drug buyers. Each played a part in her realm for without them where would she be? All was well  until one day one of her trusted advisers committed treason . The silent rule of secrecy was broken . Everyone knew of his act except the Queen, but no one said anything. No one except Milo. Milo who hardly knew the Queen was smitten with her at first sight. But rule of the court forbade them to ever be more than master and servant. He took a vow to admire from afar and always protect the Queen. The corrupted advisor kept on with his crimes not thinking that one day they would catch up to him.Milo didn't know what he should do so he waited and soon after the advisor enlisted an accomplice who knew far more than she should. Milo knew that he must tell the Queen because she would know what to do. After listening to everything Milo had to say the Queen calmly explained that she had nothing to fear. She told him the many stories she'd sworn to take with her to the grave that if "accidentally" slipped out could ruin people beyond repair.Within the amount of time it took her to accumulate all of it she had secrets of her own. Some she never told anyone and some that "tumbled" out of her mouth in hopes that when the time came that whoever that one person that knew was, if spoken would be catch then unravel their own web of lies that were far worse than anything she's ever done. The Queen regal and all set an execution date and vowed that no matter what the final blowed would be delivered personally by her.
The End


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