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Kiani L. H.
Old enough to drive ,young enough to be molested ...figure it out.
Relationship? I have a boyfriend .We're still trying to figure out a few things at the moment.So...
Occupation: *NO one hires the short black chick* haha

I don't really have many friends,that's being socially retarded for you .People call me white even though I'm clearly black.Use to be an honor student ,then I figured out how much it actually mattered and joined the intellectually challenged  bunch.I'm a Junior.Yes ,one more year of that hell hole.I write .It would be cool to be an author of some sort ,but I'm not stressing it.Forever 21 is my mecca and I make pilgrimages as often as I can.Thank you to the Korean couple who created that beautiful store.I like make up,but I'm not superficial. My favorite Color is Purple ...not that you care.New Camera .Expect random pictures.

My life is this Hp Mini and I'm okayy with that .Emilie Autumn ^ is amazing and deserves a god damn Grammy or something....That is all.


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