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So after you cry ,there's nothing left,and you're on a never ending path of self-questioning ,what do you do?
I think I'm one of the few that sit on their derriere and feel sorry for themselves on a daily basis.Don't get me wrong I'm not some dork that just pulls unhappiness out of her ass and mopes.I'm the dork that reopens that bottle of unhappiness and spills it all over herself then I mope. Got it? Good. I guess you can say I bring it upon myself ,but I just can't help it.The most frustrating part about all of it is that I tackle on unnecessary things not thinking about the consequences until it's too late and it's slithering through the crevices of my mind.(pretty descriptive right?) I'm like fucking Macgyver with hormones .I can pretty much find out what ever I want to know.How ? Because I'm awesome. Why? Who knows.What I do know though is that I have absolutely no right to be upset .Why, because everything is my fault and my problem.
Back to the question.
So after you cry and there's nothing left what do you do? HMm sit in silence and wait.Wait for the tears to fall again.


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