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This happens all the time .I can't ever have a great day without someone ruining it.This time it was quite unexpected .My retard of a mother chooses to get on my nerves after I get off the phone with her.For what?Why the hell didn't she just say what she had to say when she spoke to me THREE FUCKING HOURS AGO .
The fuck if I know.It drives me nuts nobody else's parents freaks out and gives them shit ALL THE DAMN TIME.My mom is always up my ass and around its corner .I wanna fucking shoot her ass for being so dumb.God why does she insisting treating me like a goddamn child!!!!!!

What the hell do I have to do to get a decent spring break in this house of retardation? I mean don't get me wrong ,anything that gets this chick out of school is good enough for me .But when my friends ask me "Hey Kiani,what did you do on that fine break?" i'm going to have to tell them the truth."Well * insert name here *,this girl spent the majority of her time in her friggin house!"I'm not saying I didn't do anything......Okayy so maybe I did.The plus side ,I got to chill with my boyfriend though.Down side? Mm nothing to envy .Of course that's what I base my level of how excellent it was.To go from this temporary summer vacation back to my desk in Biology is like a sick and twisted tease.2 more months of school.....Too long.

Today was surprisingly pleasant,no arguments or violent thoughts.My mom wasn't up my ass any part of the day .I got to drive.No problems there I didn't have a near death accident.My mom wasn't freaking out next to me .She even started bragging about my "Progress" to at least 1/3 of her contacts on that wretched blackberry (of course after like the 4th person my fingers were itching to send that phone out of the window).We then went to Chile's for lunch,from there my mood just took a plunge .We sat down and the waitress lady "Kim" slid one of those kid menus right in front of my face.Let me remind you .
I'm 16.dieciséis .zestien .十六 .
So I shove the crayons to my sister and the bimbo looks confused,"oh did she want one too?"
I then picked up a "Big People" menu and pretended not to hear her .Ignorance in this world will be the death of me one day I swear.We left eventually to go pick up my sister and her friend at the mall.Supposedly,they met some guys and they were freaking squealing like fucking pig .Like literally.All I really heard was OMG every five seconds ,not really the way I want to lose my hearing.Bless my boyfriend and his Ipod haha because I think I would've went into cardiac arrest or something on a account of the overload of preteen stupidity .Anyways I'm finished If you read this post all the way to the end then congratulation .I guarantee you will live five extra years .Not really

So once again my mom has ruined my spring break.Like honestly I can't even remember what I did for it last year.That's definitely a sign of an uneventful week of academic freedom.Two years running now.My mom and her stupid protective-mother logic is driving me crazy.Like I'm sick of hearing my friends and even the people that I don't know talk about how fun they're having or what's on their agenda for the day.ME? I'll tell you what my plans are ............ABSOLUTELY nothing.Fuck my life .And yours too.....HMm and the bitch wonders why I'm always unhappy .


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