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So apparently I'm not an average person.Well who wants to be average right ,but then again who want to be different ,don't we spend our whole lives trying to fit in? Anyway I get called weird alot,why?
Well...... because

  • I blog
  • Love Emilie Autumn (she's amazing)
  • I play Maplestory occasionally :) I know I'm a certified loser for that one
  • I like Asians,I find them quite fascinating
  • I study people,like on some psychologist shit ,no lie
  • I....hmm have an addiction(I'll let your mind run wild on that)
  • I'm bipolar and A.D.D *SuperFun*
  • I dance out of the random
  • I find sex facts fascinating (Do the Kegel for example)
  • I don't eat jiggly things
  • I'm not scared of death,but of becoming obese
  • I can see myself being a future swinger *Shhh*
  • Youtube is like my internet god(I'm gonna be the next lonelygirl15)
  • I have a friend ,we talk about our vaginas together (In a non gay way if you know us then you get what I'm saying)
  • I'm anti-social
  • Spencer's is my favorite store on this planet
  • I burp anywhere ,anytime (forever 21 belches are the best)
  • I don't like emotions,they can suck a hairy dick
  • Love is no longer in my Vocabulary,I don't even say it to my mom anymore
  • I check Myspace every like five minutes,that's why it's taking so long to finish this list
  • My laugh is pretty obnoxious :)
  • I get the dots (psychological thing.Simplified,dots make me itch (go figure)
  • You know when people say they don't give a fuck ,I can honestly say I don't give 2 monster- sized cockers

I'm not a bitch ,I mean I am but only if you deserve it.I just hate it when people are all in my personal space.Not just physically ,but socially (if that makes sense) .I don't need anyone up my lady parts 24/7 I may not have that much of a life ,but I'm not gonna waste what little I have on you.Me making excuses ,is a pretty good indication if you get one all the time.My friend tells me to just tell you how I feel about it.Normally I would have been done with it and went on with my semi-merry life ,but with you even if I did do that I'd have to see you or talk to you .Dilemmas of my life ,why can't I have normal problems like why god doesn't bless me with impeccable skin or something haha.

Something I recently discovered .Something that I've needed for quite sometime.Not a replacement because frankly there is no substitute for what I can't have ,for what I want more then anything is this whole screwed up universe .I've found a loop hole,a way that I can finally be semi-happy with my life even if it's just for a minute.That's all I need is a few moments to clear my mind of this emotional plague.It may sound weird,but unless you've experienced the longing that I go through everyday ,you wouldn't understand.Sometimes I think there has to be a catch .That my tylenol will soon dissappear leaving me to deal .


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