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As of February 28 ,2010
I am now sixteen, OMG sixteen ?
The questions that I get.

  • What are you doing for your
  • Why aren't you excited
  • What do you want
Honestly I don't give a shit what today is .There's no reason to show even the slightest bit of enthusiasm my life is like shitty to an unbelievable level .My mom tried to remove my boyfriend from the equation.She took my phone (got it back this morning though),she made me switch rooms,she yell at me about everything,etc.So what could I possibly get excited about .Sixteen is just a number .

I love You ? Well then fuck you too.I hate my mom,that women with my fucking life.No it's not a momentary thing it's a now and forever thing.She has messed up something that I've been anticipating for a long time and for it to be semi-gone because of that piece of shit is beyond my anger.Luckily I'll be gone soon,very soon I hope unless something comes up.No point in sticking around (for her sake anyway).Ugh these thoughts they flood my mind ,these thoughts that make me want to do horrible things to her as well as a few other people but I'll be satisfied with just her .

So apparently a few of my friends (and for like five minutes my boyfriend) have been mesmerized by the sweet smell of fresh blue waffles .*Sniff Sniff* you smell it? Oh the sweet smell of infection.
Now for you "Vaginally" ignorant people of the web ,Blue Waffles is not a comic book,nor is it some cool garage band,it will never be edible although for you wild boys interested in the infamous bloody crumpet ,blue waffles is definitely a must try......Just Saying.
A Blue Waffle (click Blue Waffle to see pictures,I'd attach a picture to this post but UHm I can't look at it for more than three seconds without gagging so...) is an infected lady part or should I say a multi-infected lady part .Why people are so intrigued with this gross corruption is beyond my knowledge .So let's think what is the moral to my pointless post.....Ladies,umm clean yourself (I just laughed a little inside).Sorry guys no lesson for you today except knowledge is power and not know is just half the battle .....Don't give me that look you know it's funny .

Oh the wonderful days of high school.The best years of my life? So far they've been the worse in every sense (well almost every sense ).Guys are so into themselves,like if they weren't scared of being socially devoided ,I bet alot that most of them would be of the homosexual group.Well it's true.Having girlfriends to them is having an excuse not to get other girls (in all seriousness I think that's how they work,"Oh damn well I'm all out of my studliness, time to settle down before I'm left with that weird chick named Phyllis").The jocks are the ones that bother me the most ,not because of them being conceited(because you kinda expect them to be like that)but because they think they that every person wishes they could do what they do.(If they spent half that energy on the field they would actually win shit occasionally).SAYS Who ? Says this chick!!! Girls are so exaggerated like everything needs to be dramatic.The loudness ,flipping of the hair(I swear if I find one more strand of stray hair in my backpack I'm going to go to school with some scissors),Vanity(Yeah the line at the mirror 24/7,NOT Necessary ,half of you should feel the urge to commit suicide after looking at your reflection anyway,constant jealousy of your fellow "gender-mates" (you shouldn't feel envious ,no what you should feel is unaccomplished ,unaccomplished for not being able to swing whatever she has .Sorry it's true that's why you're quiet right now.)SAYS Who? Says this chick!!!
With all that said you shouldn't be offended ,in fact you should feel informed.Because knowledge is power and not knowing is just half the battle or some shit like that haha There's some school house rock for your ass ....Okayy I'm finished .....You can leave now ...Ehem

I find it nice how people need me when I no longer want them.They ask for my help or for some kind of favor even though they don't acknowledge that I exist any other time .It's like forgive me for not being up on your level of coolness ,forgive me for thinking that I at lease deserve a hi occasionally ,and lastly forgive me for being a bitch towards you when you decide I'm once again worthy of your time.I don't do it to anyone .I don't stop talking to my friends just because I've suddenly discovered I'm much too above them .Users and Abusers of the world.


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