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Is it just me or is Twilight the new Harry potter,and isn't it a coincidence that they're both written by women.Me personally I've read all of the Harry Potter books except for goblet of the fire (I have no idea why ) ,and I'm on Eclipse now only because i read Twilight and New moon twice in a row.It's good I can hardly put it down ,but i don't want to read it all at once.The movie was a bit of a let down though .Unlike Harry Potter how you read it was how you saw it.In the Twilight movie
1)Edward was friggin Hot.I'm fully aware that you can't reach the perfection in the book.
2)Bella should've been a bit more on the plain Jane side if you get what I mean
3)Alice was perfect
4)Jacob could've looked a little older that's why they're planning on replacing him for New Moon.


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