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So at two in the morning Alan was here .Beautiful nights I must say . Anyway ever since we found out he's been super affectionate . I don't know why . It's a great feeling though. I don't plan on telling people until I need too. Him on the other hand is excited like there's no tomorrow. I guess plans of moving in together will come sooner than this summer I hope .I miss waking up next to him just about every morning.
His Mom's loves me his whole family does actually and they all said that we'll be great. They're already planning a few things for us . (geez I love them ) I believe them of course because I know it's true .My life right now is like freaking cloud nine . Mustang, a job, My Penis <3 Absolute perfection and NO ONE will ruin it. Pics up soon <3

So take a picture this is a prime example of happiness at its peak.
You should try and find it .

Knowledge is power and not knowing is just half the battle


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