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Listening to this song always makes me think of people that ask me "What if" like it's a fucking game show. Even people that only know me Via Facebook do it which is even more annoying. That situation.It's like you don't really care what's going on or how it affects anyone , you just like to have your nose in a little bit of everything. If I go around asking myself what if the saga would never end and the regression would slowly begin... Which I refuse to let happen. I've come too far to let the wall tumble back down. I will never again lose control, no one and nothing is worth it at the moment. Instead of what if , I focus on what I feel at every point of the day . Sometimes I find myself tensing up at the first sight of being uncomfortable. I don't know if people notice ( I hope not I don't wanna be weird) . I can't help it I try to keep the smile or at least an unreadable face .Hmm I thought it would be longer but my mind seems to be at ease again so I guess I'll stop.

So remember knowledge is power and not knowing is just half the battle.


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