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So my sister and I walk in the DMV and immediately the "rent a cop" stops us and says .The line starts back there and pointed his fat finger towards this line of people.I told him I just needed a book so I could study for that permit test or whatever .He just looks at me and says."You have a few more years to go don't you ".I was like what are you talking about? He says you know you have to be like 15 to take it .I told him I was fully aware.My sister started laughing.It wasn't funny .So I go to this desk and ask the same thing.Instead of the ignorant questions I get the ignorant stare from the lady behind the desk.I told her I was 15 and I doubt she believed me .
Okay so what the fuck would I be doing in there if I wasn't old enough.i swear I wanted to kick that lady in her face and deprive that cop of his food.


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