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Why does it feel like I'm always being over shadowed .When I'm alone it's easier to stand out ,but when I'm accompanied by my sister it's always Kiani who? I don't despise my sister ,it's not her fault she has a nice face and an overly annoying personality that no one can resist.I mean sometimes I feel like I should have been born second to her then I wouldn't be harboring these feelings of envy.The pangs of jealousy whenever someone points to her to be the oldest or she's approached by some guy and she hints that I'm the oldest .Oh the Kodak moments when their faces drop every last one of them .It would be quite funny if it didn't hurt as bad.It's like everyday she comes home with a different story "some guy hit on me and it was gross " .Woe is fucking you .That's like saying you own Disney Land but you never have anything to do.It doesn't make sense.For once I'd like someone to just ...I don't know another time.Another Entry.Remember knowledge is power and not knowing is just half the battle .


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