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Why must people take things that aren't theirs .I don't give a damn how less fortunate you are,if you don't like me ,if you wanted "nice things" I don't care.I won't say i'm an all around good person ,but I would never steal from anyone .Oh how I wish we lived in the time of the people of Mesopotamia .Their law...a very effective one, is the code of Hammurabi.It's really just a sadistic type of karma .Those who steal have their fingers sliced off.Yeah that's what I'd like to do to whoever stole my ipod.I hope who ever she is dies a slow and painful death.It isn't that serious Kiani.Not that serious ? Well let's see being that I'm off my meds I don't have the luxury of drowning out these twisted thoughts.I don't see my Shrink every week anymore because she thinks I'm "progressing" everyother week just isn't helping btw.So basically my ipod was the only thing that could calm me down and pull me back from snapping on some poor innocent person.So now what? What do I do?


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