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I'm not really sure what it is about my relationship right now.Something is Like there's a huge elephant in the room that neither one has bothered chase out.I feel like I'm chasing him away, but it's not intentional. It's just that normal things that he does are all of a sudden bothering me immensely.It's not like the beginning of our relationship when I was just getting annoyed with ALWAYS being with him becuase at this point i love spending time with him. Anytime I'm not with him that's when it bothers me. Honestly, what I think it is is this whole Sean and Rachel thing... It's rehashing all of these feelings that I thought I released a while ago. It just makes me think back . This time I get to see it from an outsider's POV. It's heartbreaking to watch my bestfriend go through that. To watch her go at it with that ugly bitch. It's like deja vu. It's like having post tramatic stress from war and hearing gunshots outside of your door.
   I forgave him. Didn't I? So why can't we talk about it without fear of me being upset. "Either you forgive him or move on." the advice I gave her. I'm pretty sure I followed that....


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