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I hate ugly girls who think they're ""bad . Like i'm sorry, but when did it become ok for you bitches to plop your big ass on the bathroom sink and hope to god you look "phat" (is that what the cool ones say nowadays?...Idk).
Ooh Ooh wait what about those pictures where you're just getting out of the shower or you look in the mirror and wince your face up like someone just poured alcohol into your rectum after a big shit.Snap *Caption* "I look soooo ugly, but oh well" ........WTF like alright girl if it's so ugly why post it and punish us with your selfishness?
Here's my all time fave, you lean over with a "cleavagistic" shirt . Snsp* Caption* some deep ass quote like "Only god can judge me" .... 1.)No bitch actually it's on the internet so anyone can judge you including vivid entertainment if they needed new material for soft porn. 2.) Don't pretend like your nipples aren't waiting for their debut really you're far too kind. 3.) Thanks for the show now get back on your pole.
And last, but certainly not least the middle finger and finger guns (watch out Bambi) in ANY picture. Really? Bitch you're ugly is all I can say.It's not cool in any way. Makes you look retarded .

So remember knowledge is power and maybe you should stop taking pitures just lost.


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