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So Angelina, aka the bandwagon bitch is causing so many unnecessary problems on Jersey Shore .Like you know you've failed at life when you get Pauly D mad .The fuck are you smacking people for? I think that she's jealous that he doesn't want her .Next ! Snookie....all I have to say is I would go gayalltheway for her.I'm waiting though for the fight with JWoww and Sammie ,we know who's gonna win but still .I'd be scared to fight her let's face it that swing at Mike would've made me cry to my mom.If I was Angelina I would be taking that threat very seriously and keep both of my eyes open.Ronnie is just cosloppugus ,pick one douche juice you're either single or in a relationship .....and he can't dance.Vinny .........why much you be of such irrelevance .DO SOMETHING ! Anyway knowledge is power and not knowing is just half the battle.


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