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If it hurts put a band-aid on it don't let it sit there
Meaning if you have a problem resolve it before it gets worse don't just keep bringing it up.I'm not one to apologize because I feel I do no wrong.I say whatever strikes my temporal lobe, (for you illiterate people it's the part of your brain that controls your speech) and if that means someone gets offended then that's okayy because I know where my intentions are.I don't enjoy confrontation it's petty and a waste of time and because it makes me break out horribly (really it does) .I've never had to filter what I've said before and I'm not going to start now's just not who I am .I don't really go to people and blab about my business, well it's my fucking business I don't need people in my shit .I'm not going to ride anyone's emotional rollercoaster ,I don't even ride rollercoasters dammit .Now that I told you what I'm not going to do heres what I will do .I will have the last laugh,word,what ever the fuck I want for that matter.I will continue to say what I want .Last but not lease I will NOT pretend like I have sympathy for anyone because frankly I don't.No one has ever given me sympathy or apathy and I give what I get that's it.Anyway knowledge is power and not knowing is just half the battle .


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