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I was right , a few people were right actually .Who would've guessed that the one thing that made me and my life somewhat pleasant is the one part of my life at the moment that isn't where I want it to be .Why must we bring up irrelevant things ? Is it because you enjoy listening to me scream ? Enjoy me being a bitch ? Do you find it sexy? haha .Whatever it is is wrecking everything.Just when I thought things were gonna go back to normal it turns 180. And for what? SEX ,really find a hobby and go knit me a sweater .I think you like conflict.I'm sorry was our relationship too boring for you? Needed a little something to respark your interest,terribly sorry I'm miserable Annie.....anyway .You said something that hurt my feelings I'm just a little better at hiding them than you are (score one for Kiani).It doesn't make since you bring up a past lifestyle that I HAVEN'T went back to since you.Yes I could've you know that so stop playing the victim when I state the obvious .No second thoughts? Mhm sure there wouldn't be any if this is how it's gonna be for now on.I can't handle it.You try to make me look like the bad guy running to your friends.Why the hell do I have to hear what you've been saying through my bestfriend ? You say you have bigger things to worry about ,then why are you searching to find something wrong.I'm not getting in the way of your plans .It's you and .....I don't even know .Insecurity ? Maybe who knows .If I wanted this I could've dated someone my own age honestly,which I don't do for this same reason .You're the one that was so sure about us being together for a while .Why are you wrecking it?


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