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I hate being asked what I want .Why? Well because it's never anything materialistic ,nothing tangible .What I want is to be wanted ,like seriously.I probably sound pathetic ,but I don't really give a shit I just want to be appreciated .
What I want is to be loved .I want people to think that it’s a privilege to have me and feel punished when I leave .I want people to stop me and say how beautiful I am if that’s even what I am.I want to be someone worth monogamy, worth the satisfaction that I’m their other half. I want to be able to content who ever I’m with. I want someone that truly has eyes for me and only me. I want someone who pays no attention to the gorgeous girl that walks in and doesn’t wish I was her. Someone that can’t take their eyes off of me. To tell me that, “If he isn’t treating you right I promise I will” and actually mean it. I want to be seen as priceless, the girl that people are only with in their dreams. I want to have everything over the “other girl” .I want to be enough .Enough so that other distractions aren't needed.I'll admit I'm not the most interesting person you'll ever meet ,I'm pretty sure I'm a pretty bland person ...or so I've been told.Someone that doesn’t see me as an easy pass,but sees me as …I don’t even know. I want to be entangled in someone’s arms and know for a fact that he’s only thinking of me. I want my advice to reach someone’s temporal lobe and stay there. What I want is to be important enough to change for the better .Never asked to change your very being just change what you should’ve already changed. I want the tears to halt at the rims of eyes and to not have to worry about any unnecessary events. When is there going to be a time when someone finally sees that I’m worth it and I deserve it .I want people to be honest with me. If you’re my friend act like it don’t try to worsen the situation. I want to be worth not having a single interruptions when we’re alone .Can I at least get that. I want to feel like I’m more important than you’re friends even if it’s just for a night. I want to be able to go to sleep now with out a doubt in my mind as to what you’re doing and who you’re with. I want to counted as at least pretty when I’m with my friends not a “disappointment”. I want the apologies to stop because I realize they don’t mean a thing. Who knows? Who knows that I like being kissed on the forehead because it makes me feel all tingly .Or that I look in the mirror everyday for at least 20 minutes straight wishing that something would miraculously change. Who knows that I write about everything that I go through everyday even if it’s that I tied my shoe? When I close my eyes for a minute I open them and want to cry even if there isn’t anything wrong that very second. Who knows that when I pass a cemetery I hold my breath because I feel as if it shortens your life. Who knows that I keep my nails long for the simple fact that it draws attention away from my face. Or that deep down I’m a sucker for love and my feelings are never-ending ?Who knows that I hate when people assume I'm twelve and that it makes me want to light something on fire?.....Guess that's it another emotional splurge just for you.Remember knowledge is power and not knowing is just half the battle.


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