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January 4,2010
So poppycock with Alan.I thought he didn't want to ,but he text me .He asked "Do you just want to fuck or did you want me?" at first I got pissed because I thought he was going to pawn me off to that guy I met Saturday ,but once again I'm wrong.I guess he wanted to know if he was being used ...who knows.I told him I just chose him.Geoffrey and Charnise ,I'm so sorry ,but I want his tongue.Gee was texting me .He want to know if I can still chill with him today.Gotta tell him no because Alan is what I want today haha.In drivers ed I have a feeling ____ is going to turn gay .The hair .The sweaters.He actually matches without matching guys can't do that.Edwin broke up with Christina AGAIN ! Like honestly I don't even know if you can call that a year.But they don't need to go back out it's annoying.
January 5,2010
I fucked Alan yesterday .It was so good three trojans .Rachel was there haha.I thought it was going to be like an hour it was longer ,that's whats up.Best Head Ever.He told me I was the best he ever had ,that's whats up .But Alan is my "Dro", my own Tylenol.It's amazing like I wanted to fuck'em as soon as he left .Amazing dicks of the world.I have to wait until fucking Thursday.Thursday! WTF
Alan Alan Alan
Alan Alan Alan
Tongue.Piercing .Voice (white boy voice)hair.Body.eyes .love his face.I find it nice to look at.He makes me smile.Damn no Kiani no feelings.He has a Gf
January 7,2010
I fucking hate this school,my life,his life ,and her life .Ms.McGee is a bitch .PMS.PMS.PMS.You can kiss my ass.Ms Ripoll better ,not high strung and pretty chill.Mr.Johnson is an ass .Just give me a damn pass so I can go.Stop being difficult.U'm ready to shoot someone in the face .I'm tired .Brandon and Duke texted me .I don't want to talk to Duke and Brandon is becoming more of an asshole each text.Alan has yet to text me though and it's eleven.You said ten.Ugh he needs to appear on my phone
January 11,2010
No school today because I'm just a horrible student .Why won't he text me .I wanna fuck today...I have feelings for him sure but he can't know that.I mean he might know ,but he doesn't have a spoken word ._________
January 12 2010
In P.E well I was then Matt came over so I closed it quickly .But yeah evidently Rachel was right me and Alan are like the perfect match..well we are :) So let's start from the beginning he was texting me while in class (study)I don't know.But I was like you should come over .So we settled on eleven.I had like the weirdest feeling that papa knew my plans so he tried to stay up.So I was getting frustrated ,but he "gave up"at like 11:45 haha success ! So Alan came over and was nervous at first about going up the stairs.,but we got in and I turned on the music and we were making out then he ate me out ...yum btw.We fucked on my bed .Then the floor .I like kissing him ,turns out he likes my weirdness...and my boobs (he thinks they're cute).So we just sat close to each other and talked about .His girlfriend and his "philosophy" on cheating (it makes sense believe it or not) and why he doesn't care.Like neither one us want to have sex just cuddle and talk (spoon?) if you will.He told me I was the best and my ______ was amazing .That he thinks about me at work.I'm growing on him did you know that?I told him I liked his face and his Wayne impersonations .I love everything about him.His Chillness .Like I haven't felt this way about anyone since Randy.Except I feel something more.I know .I know bullshit .I know .But I can't help it.He told me he doesn't get me ,to be honest I don't get myself ,but then again isn't that how everyone sees themselves?He kissed me on the way out ,whenall i was expecting was a hug...HMm write more later I need to think a little.
January 13 ,2010
So my day starts with Alan of course .I woke up because I've been sleeping alot thanks to our previous morning together.He called me and we talked for like an hour about us and my feelings .Him debating us and some other chick .
I hate math I got a detention for not doing my homework .Bitch you can use that shit as a pad because I'm not going.
January 14,2010
When will it end?
January 17,2010
So I'm officially smitten with Alan .Yes I said smitten.Like yesterday he slept over and it felt good.No more than good it felt right ,perfect ,like this is who I wanna be with .Anyway prego is gone and the other chick was _____.So I'm pretty much going against myself.He thinks about me ,Rachel is possibly jealous because she told me to cool it with him's not going to happen.
January 18,2010
I got to see Alan this morning .He make me smile .He came her at like 7 and left at 9:30.I was so happy he kept saying "I missed you" and stuff.Tyelane was at his brother's house.I told him to delete my number yesterday because everyone is trying to ruin us and there isn't even an us to ruin yet .
January 25,2010
So finally back in school .Feels weird.No Alan today.Work and Class :( ,but anyway let's catch up

  1. Alan is my boyfriend
  2. Brandon stopped texting me after he found out..surprise
  3. "One Time " has been trying to chill lately
  4. Rachel got Alan to tell Tyelane about her not wanting to fuck


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