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This is so long over due, but every time I open this window my thoughts scatter and leave me a feeling of ...idk
Recently, I've been thinking....what's new right? I've been thinking about how no one has secrets anymore . The saying is ultimately true. Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead. Now a days we're all caught up in lies . He said. She said. I miss the times when you could genuinely trust someone .....let me rephrase that. I miss the times when my words were just air and unimportant. I shouldn't have to hear shit from 3 different people when I only told you. That's how you catch people in a lie. You tell one person and if anyone else repeats it.....well you know. The worst part about it is when it came back to me half of the truth remained. How will we decipher the truth when it becomes too mangled to process?


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