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10th grade
It's over .Bring out the bikinis and the board shorts .Put away the Calculators and the pencils .This has been the worse grade by far.Break ups and make ups.Drama.Sex.A trip to the loony bin.Going on epic adventures with my future pot-head best friend.Finding my new shrink.Drama with ghetto bitches from lunch.Finding my beautiful mustang in the driveway. Becoming an extrovert than an introvert to the extreme.Meeting the guy that put aside my hatred for the opposite sex and put love in its place.Mushy shit .Whatever.All of it doesn't matter anymore.It's Over .I have yet to write my last entry in my journal like I do every year so we'll let this be it .Every year I'm always reluctant to leave the comforting but ohsostressful schedule I follow .This year it's totally opposite I'm ready to write my sophomore year's epitaph .I still can't believe its been a year.A whole fucking year.So much has changed,So much that I could write a book with the two journals I've filled out.All the tears,guys,school errors,laughs,him <3 Summer Possibly becoming a sandwich artist .Getting my license. Creating a "Memory" ;) and the list will continue as the days go by.


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