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Why I've been excited for the summer? I don't even know .Every year is the same ,my happiness slowly declines within ....hmm let's say the first two weeks of summer.Why? I'll tell you why because my mom is a certified idiot.She always wants to control my summer.As soon as June 18th comes around she starts talking about goals for the summer,"special nights",summer vacations,etc.Ridiculous!
Example,apparently my aunt is coming to pick us up tomorrow at 4 to go to this fucking bible adventures or how ever the fuck you say it.Me,being faithful atheist I am will be doing everything in my power to disrespect "the house of the lord".I do it every Sunday so why stop now.That means

  • Ipod on full blast with nothing but uncensored music
  • Phone off of vibrate
  • and Me not giving a rat's ass haha
This is just the beginning so unlike my lucky friends who can do pretty much whatever the fuck they want,this chick is gonna spend her whole fucking summer in the house while my mom writes in her planner shit that no one wants to do.I hate my life.Anyway remember knowledge is power and not knowing is just half the battle.


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