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So I watched the BET awards and it was good ,even if they do get worse every year.They had the tribute to Michael Jackson and(Yeah one of the Jackson brothers, Tito or whichever one it was stood at the podium and talked about his brother Get off the stage your 25 minutes of fame are over). Chris Brown was singing it.Shocker! Big Whoop. .....Anyway he was doing amazing like I love watching him dance it's phenomenal,but then all of a sudden he started crying .Like what the hell? Did you forget that this man died last year.LAST YEAR not this year.All of a sudden you got the freaking memo that Mr. Thriller is 6 feet deep now ?Come on Chris get off of the stupid juice.Like he sang everything and got to "Man in the Mirror" and broke down into ridiculous sobs.Also on the 25 everyone on Twitter,Facebook,etc was all RIP MJ and what not .It was like Christmas,you know how you hang up those decorations for one day out of the year?What the fuck is that about?We don't know.So yeah knowledge is power and not knowing is just half the battle


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