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So let me start out by saying this is not about some toilet paper awareness group alright. Personally ,I could care less what you wipe your ass with.....just saying.Less is more is something everyone should consider .I went to the movies (Toy Story 3) and beach today right? The movie was awesome saw it in 3D ,got to keep the shades and everything .The first one was still the best though.Then the beach .Girls and their cellulite shorts .I mean I understand that it's hot but be considerate of society (and their eyes)and cover up what's meant to be suctioned out.....sorry.You could be the prettiest girl at the beach or anywhere else for that matter ,but no one would notice because of what you're wearing.Come on we already have thunder storms we don't need thunder thighs.Guys,yelling compliments at someone may not always be the best thing especially if you look like Chubaka's cousin.However,what you should you do is gently(and quietly) introduce yourself in a civilized manner .Look at that your success rate just went up 30% haha.
Now remember kids knowledge is power and not is just half the battle.


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