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As uneventful as this day was it started off to be one of those days where nothings perfect but everthings good.The little moments that kept reminding me why my boyfriend and I are together and still not sick of each other.Kisses with laughter in between .Yes.Sweet shit .
It seems that every time we get to the climax of our "Us Time" someone is always there to add a we.No one cares .Inconsiderate bitches(yes guys are included).Waiting for an hour ...MY HOUR on irrelevant people to clean bathrooms and bedrooms.Packing his two-door Pontiac with a horny couple and the giant cousins.Dragging them to the mall while I lose every sense of my shopping nature,and leave empty handed.Feeling like i'm imposing on my boyfriend's brother's house, when really it's every person that isn't me or my boyfriend that is invading their place of rest.Meeting...No I'm sorry glancing at two of the ugliest chicks I've seen in quite some time .Hippos and Rainbow bitches were definitely among us .And then listened to them talk shit .Disrespect .I had about all the singing I could take listening to them belt out of key notes.Smelling smoke this way and that .Getting home past curfew and my mother thinks I'm grown .Women go hang yourself by your rosary .So..Through the tears I figured I might as well deliver the last blow of insanity and repeat everything .Putting them to words.
Sorry no ending phrase I'm not in the mood.So Yeah.


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