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Flustered is the word of the day.That and shitty.Times like this it's so easy to think of all the ways it could end .What you might ask ? I'll leave that to your imagination.2010 was shit and 2011 will be nothing but the same multiplied.It's getting to that point where either that women ,my mother ,or me is going to have to leave permanently because this coexisting shit isn't working for me .So who's going to flip a coin ? You know I called my shrink and she told me to write .Well I'm typing maybe it counts as the same .Either way it isn't working what so ever .I feel like throwing something at her face.Maybe if I'm lucky she'll take a drive and slide into oblivion .Sweet Shit .Ugh I feel like a schizophrenic ,except there isn't a million people talking just one ....Disregard that don't make fun of me .Anyway I hate her ,did I mention I hate her ? NO? Well.....I HATE HER.How the hell do you ruin New Years last year I was having sex ,this year I was in church and got chewed out for no god damn reason.Why yes ,yes I am ranting ,got a problem? Leave ,I don't care all that much.Thank you Emilie Autumn for being here when no one else is .Always.Where are my meds when I need them .An overdose is definitely overdue ....I'm just saying.It seems like everyone is having some kind of fun or is at least happy and then there's me.Stupid Bitch .Stupid Stupid Bitch.You should really consider being nice to the in the guest room ...that one day could be you're very last.Give it some time.I suggest you stop being an asshole and keep quiet.................I insist,It's really in the best interest of everyone................................


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