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At an unruly hour, destiny found its way

Everything an accident, but coming together as a purpose

I put my life in a total stranger’s possession

Risking trouble to feed my addiction, obsession

Every feeling dormant, “just business” I supposed

The first kiss was nothing, my eyes weren’t closed

Those few hours spent in that confined place, bliss

When over I knew ever everything. I didn’t need words to assist

At that moment you were mine and I wanted to be yours

I tried my best to make it easy and unlocked every door

To my soul. To my heart .you didn’t know where to start

So I took your hand and on this mission we embarked

That cold month so warm mixed with fiery passion

Breaking every rule not caring what happened

New feelings emerged tearing down my walls

A warning to china eventually everything falls

All that matters is who’s there to pick it up

You were there and thankfully strong enough

The words were now fluid flowing off of my tongue

Dripping into your ears, mixing our hearts into one

Then you took the bet and put it all in

My breath a frenzy of pants, couldn’t keep it even

With everything perfect I guess karma had to intervene

You went back to her a déjà vu scene

Not once or twice, but the third time’s the charm

If I didn’t have to know it really wouldn’t of did any harm

I thought I was pretty and I thought that you loved me

I thought that there was no girl that could ever touch me

Alas my security stomped on and buried

You picked up the remainder and tried to carry

So many problems .I can foreshadow that day

No longer capable, you’ll drop me and walk away


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