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I hate my mom, but you should already know that . If it was up to me she'd be long gone . Of course I could be the one to make that happen but alas I'm too much of a pussy. I can't tell you how long I've wanted to see her stupid face crushed under my forever 21 stilettos. How long I've wanted to bash her stupid skull in with a hammer and watch her hemorrhage. I hate her more than anyone. I hate her more than I've ever hated anyone or anything.And no one understands. I crave that scene that's forever playing in my head, in my dreams. People would call that a nightmare I call it a night worth sleeping. When will it end.I ask myself that everyday.She says I'm angry because of so many irrelevant things. You wanna know what I tell her ? I tell her It's you and it's always been you.I tell her I hate her.I tell her that if it was ever up to me she wouldn't be related to me in any way ,shape,or form. Ijust want her to die.


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