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Sometimes I wish people would have more faith in my .....mental health. I don't really know what else to call it. Sure I'm stressed and have way to many things on my mind, but doesn't everyone else. Sure maybe everyone else doesn't need two shrinks at his/her beckon call, but I'd like to think that adds something interesting ....or weird to the mix. And perhaps not everyone is locked up for "their own good" but come on everyone has a quirk right? Anyway , I feel as if everyone treats me like some kind of bomb that could just explode at anytime. I feel like people should give me more credit. Of course I'm not a pushy person though why do I care so much about this....I know the answer . Because I don't want to disappear on a count of me not being able to "handle" this .I can handle it just fine. I don't resent anyone, I don't blame people that don't deserve it. I'm fine now . Why doesn't anyone see that.
I can do it .....Whatever

Knowledge is power and not knowing is just half the battle.


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