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Did you know that misusing Prozac causes the deterioration of your stomach liner? Well you do now . That combined with stress out the ass. You wanna know something else? I spent what was suppose to be a twenty minute appointment into a three hour exam.So many goddamn needles and ultrasounds.Waiting for results...... I hate the doctors.Why does "the dear baby jesus" like to torment me just get it over with . aha.
Anyway, Geez both of my shrinks are booked until mid August .Oh well I'll be my own. How do I feel today? I'm not upset or sad (at the moment) then again I'm not content. I wish my head would just stop working for a while. It could just shutdown and I'd be okayy. Yesterday made me happy no beyond happy ..hmm ecstatic maybe? Why because it felt like old times, just two losers .You know what though? Even then I refused to let myself indulge in the present because I was over thinking the future . The future being him distancing from me once again .The roller-coaster man but I'm okay . We're just people at the moment what happens isn't up to me. It's obvious I'm not going to be apart of the decision. So many emotions not even from the kiss.The kiss is irrelevant .Just in general...whatever happens happens

So...Knowledge is power and I plan on hiring a male prostitute .


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