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All I want is to not be ignored like I'm just some chick he had a fling with.Do I really mean nothing to him.You can't wake up out of love? Well he did apparently.
Maturity is something that one doesn't get from being a new "parental figure" aha stupid people are the best they make my life tolerable . All I ever did was be there for him and this is what I get it .I'm not a toy and refuse to be treated as such.Fuck'em and his life aha I don't need him he'll get what he deserves an ugly fat women and child support checks out the ass .... Me? I'm walking scotch free . He'll understand eventually .I'm the one who's been here ....Regrets are a bitch aren't they ? He'll find out who he has....had .
In case you're reading stop leaving notes on my car shits not cute .You should stop being a little Cunt or "mature" whatever the fuck you "think" you are and say it in person ... Why am I being treated like the one who did something wrong?


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