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So my mom started dating this guy,______.He's okay kind of quiet for my hellish family .Well we had dinner together ,that's the first surprise my mom never cooks .Seriously if there weren't fast food restaurants we would all starve to a "bony baby" death.Anyways so we're sitting at the table in complete silence,well aside from the sound of the buttons on everyone's phone.All of a sudden my mom is like "How was your day" the universal "silence-filler".She and everyone at the table but poor_____ knows that the question gets less than a four worded sentence .So she moves on to other "conversation starters " all of them started where the last one ended .Nowhere...!
This whole time I keep looking at my sister and we're both this close to bursting out laughing .
This whole time_____ is just snickering trying to keep it in until he laughs too.


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