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I wanted to post this yesterday but I don't write when I'm bad .So here's the story.Yesterday,my friend and I were in the lunch line ,talking about random things ,which we do all the time.Then this bitch behind us was like "they are so wack".Aaaaaah I swear I wanted to punch her in her unattractive face .We turn around and just looked at her usually I wouldn't care but I was having a great day and she just darkened it.I went off ,I've never cursed that much at one time in my life .I just couldn't stop because if you've read one of my previous entries you would know how I felt about that word.Who the hell are you to say that .Especially with us less than an inch away from you.Then we got out the line my friend was called out by one of the stupid administrators about her shoes.Like seriously ,is this what you're getting paid for ,scoping out shoes.Shit .Security.That's what they're called? All they do is nag and try to find things wrong with us.It's like security is supposed to be watching the halls making sure fucking terrorists *exaggeration* aren't invading our school instead they're all in the cafeteria sitting on they're "holy dais" patrolling the floors for trash.Pathetic.


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