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Is it weird to say I hate being home.That I try to avoid having to converse with my mom because I know it would end in an argument.That I take any chance I get to not be home no matter what it is.Somebody is always screaming .My mom and her fucking religious ways,she makes me go to church even though she knows I don't give a rat's ass about what's being said at 7AM .My brother is always crying or being an ignoramus.My sisters,need I say more.That's why I separate myself from them ,all of them.Sometimes my mom tells me "you think you're better than everybody" not true I just rather be away from you.When I'm home I only leave my room to stuff my face they hardly see me.I just stopped caring a while ago ,actually it somehow makes everything easier .I don't know what it is but I despise the idea of anything family related.All this loving,yelling,fighting,apologizing,divorcing,proposing,death,CONFUSION.It makes life harder than it needs to be .Some people wish to be cared for ,I wish that people would stop concerning themselves with me.


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