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So yesterday was homecoming (the game) and it was so much fun.Better than last year only because I went with my friends that actually stayed with me .We were probably like one of the loudest groups on the bleachers.Me , being afraid of heights was having miniature panic attacks every time someone jumped up and down on the bleachers.Anyways the concession stands were fucking loud and everyone kept getting in front of us.I blame it on our shortness :) It was so hot and stuffy with everyone pushing to get to the front.When we finally got out of the line I saw this freshman that asked me to the dance today.He waved but being the bitch I am I just looked at him and kept walking.I don't care.So many cute guys from other schools like seriously whoa :) I heard some people talking about a fight and sure enough I saw the blue flashing lights outside of the fence.I ended up walking home instead of getting a ride from my mom because she wanted me to wait at the ticket booth when everyone was leaving.I walked with my best friend and her friend.Great Night.


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