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People disappear for a reason ,some for the better some for the worse.Then for whatever reason people reappear .Why ? My life would be a whole lot easier if certain "people" kept a safe distance .I miss the simplicity in my life where I actually looked forward to a new day.Now I dread every hour that passes by.So many arguments ,the animosity,hostility all could have been avoided ,instead me and the rest of my family are attached to certain "people" who do nothing but slow the process of moving on down.The only good that came out of this whole mess was my little brother and I wouldn't trade him for anything ,even if he does get on my nerves.You would think that after the divorce everything would be o.k. ,a clean cut.Instead it's like a laceration that will never mend.I don't know how I remain sane sometimes listening to my mom defend herself over a phone ,a fucking phone. I used to want to hurt you make you suffer like those times you made her suffer. I used to want to cut you physically like you cut her emotionally ,but somehow I've been able to push you to the back of my mind.Where eventually you will stay for ever.


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