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10th grade same as 9th not much of a difference so far it's just a title,a role I'm forced to play.Some people from last year surprisingly haven't changed meaning their immaturity level remains the same.Like seriously.Freshman need I say more.I hate when "upperclassmen" are like look at the freshman cooing at them it's like your ass was a freshman (some of you more than once). All the expectations you have to listen to.All the pointless but "oh so necessary" papers you have to get signed.This year my school is officially overcrowded like it's ridiculous.Teachers and their majestic attitudes.Sometimes I just want to knock them off of their imaginary pedestal .They think they're freaking god when really they're at the bottom of the career chain.Making less than average a year.I met a few new people ,still finding the need to gravitate towards my old friends.


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