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What's wrong with me why do I always find the need to continue these semi-relations that engulf my life in the flames of complication.You see regular people,normal people,AVERAGE people can discard someone from their life with no problem .Me? I just can't help but to drift towards my old habit of people and their shenanigans I wanna say.The people I try to....Umm I don't wanna say avoid because frankly I don't have the energy or time to work around seeing a certain person.But I just try not to concern myself in their life whether it be current love interest or just something alluring going on in their life.Because as soon as I allow myself to be pulled in, the cycle that I've been trying to stay away from resurfaces .I'm like a fucking hoarder.You know that show on TLC where there's always this weird women with a gazillion cats and she resorts to sleeping on a sofa so her precious kitties can dominate the rest of the house.That's a Hoarder.Well I will admit I had a cat...maybe two but they're gone.Anyways it's like I hoard friends .It's like I let them sit on a shelf until one decides to come back to life . Absolutely useless.


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