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So you know your life has come to a dull stop when the little things make you ohsohappy.Like you used to chill with everyone in your phone and now your phone is the only way you stay connected with your people.Or when your weekends actually become a family affair instead of a chill day.Maybe when school,home,and the occasional trip to the mall were your only attempts you made to have that social life that has been disappearing oh so slowly .
Why am I allowing myself to become exactly like the person I dread to become .It's like making friends is easy,a no brainer .It's the whole keeping in touch thing that makes me wanna be alone.Like I like the type of friends that are like I'll see you whenever instead of the let's all go watch this movie together then after we'll have a big fucking feast at fucking "Ruby Tuesday" and everyone will spill their innermost secrets and figure out which one of their friends' relationships to include themselves in .
But then again I look at my sister and she's like a frigging social butterfly.Like she has so many friends and she talks to every single one of them every day.It's like her phone is constantly vibrating,and I don't know how she does it or what she does but it seems like her posse is always at my door begging her to come out(like she needs an ego boost).The funny thing is she doesn't even try they just seem to flock towards her.If it were up to her she would spend her days in a Teenspot chat-room insulting the religious kids.
Who knows .Three years left of high school left to figure it out.


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