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I don't really have anything meaningful to say today so you can read about my bland day.
Geometry.So very boring there's this one girl that ask questions like her life depended on it .Aah it's like Shut the hell up .I mean it's already hard enough to pay attention when I don't have my fucking meds.On my way to English I stopped in the bathroom .I hate that there's always a line for the mirror I swear.Ridiculous.English.Favoritism.That's all I'm going to say.Lunch.This guy i swear freaks me out .He's always there.AP Geo.Loud and Obnoxious as always.I find that I'm slowly breaking away from certain friends,finding new ones,maybe it's for the best I'm not really upset about it.Actually I could really care less.
You know what I find funny you look at me just to smile and look down.It freaking makes my day sometimes. :)


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