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Wow surprisingly this is one of the only Internet worthy sites allowed on the school's proxy thing.To make this a tad more exciting I'm not even suppose to be on here .Here's my actual destination,Free Rice .Fucking lame.So I guess I'll write a quick post.
I was almost late for school today because.....well I don't know actually.I feel like crap the only two reasons why I'm pulling through this sluggish day is because one,I might be getting my car today I saw it and my mom approved so I'm waiting for it to arrive in my driveway,and the other is that I have plans to hang with an old friend.Well it's too soon to tell how this day will end whether it be with me in a good mood or me in a not so pleasant one.Hopefully lunch will go well.I sit with people I don't know.Wait no take that back .I know them but we only talk when we're in the cafeteria.I don't know sometimes I feel like they feel obligated to take me in .It doesn't matter,lunch is only like 45 minutes anyways so I'll get over it.AP Geo later maybe it won't be as stressful as it normally is.You would think I was talking about the massive amount of work ,but I'm not it's some of my "fellow students" .They talk out of turn,make random remarks and are just loud for the hell of it.Who knew so many attention whores could occupy one class.Reminds me of the middle school days haha.Like two years ago.Well I'll leave it at that .I think I'm going to make another post after this.


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