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So I wrote this in P.E. ,sitting on the bleachers today, it's sort of an observation about us females.
Why do girls find the need to reiterate every part of a conversation ?(Example:She was like,I was like,He was like, etc.) It's like o.k. I was right there and my ass isn't slow so why are you telling me something that happened less than 30 seconds ago.Why do some girls find the need to put on a performance every time an attractive male specimen comes along.They're like circus animals waiting for their ringmaster to throw them a treat.Another thing is there is a reason why our voices don't get deeper.Our voices are already louder than most guys so why are they(we) so loud,why put forth that extra effort? Something else I noticed is that the closer a guy gets their(our) voices goes up an octave .We claim how complex we are .How much better we are then boys .So far you're(we) just proving why girls/women are looked down upon.No one cares about intellect points everyone wants the Cool,Cute,Pretty points.
Well that's all I got to write bent over my biology book. Like I was actually reading it .I don't think anyone noticed .They were too busy socializing on the bleachers with everyone else.


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