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Glee is coming back on.Finally !
Well today has been quite vexatious.It drove me insane all day I felt like everyone was watching. Paranoid much? Well walking to class usually I have someone with me ,but since we have all new schedules I found out that very few of my friends are out when I'm out.So I just cruise the hall alone ,doesn't really bother me all that much because I see everyone after school so...All the new people (not just freshman) are okay.Between bells it's so loud ,so many conversations going on about absolutely nothing ,and of course you can never escape those loud ghetto people.The ones who think they need to yell from one end to another.I wish they wouldn't do that,it drives me insane but what I hate most are those people who insist on talking about someone they don't even know like right in front of their face.It's so mean,If you're going to make a negative comment about a person at least wait until they are out of ear shot.Like who the hell are you to be that...bitchy?


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