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I hate people. I hate fat people.People that are up my ass all day.People that tell me what to do.Who to talk to.Who/what to listen to .People that think they're better than me. People that think they're all the more wiser because they're older.People that try and intimidate me (it doesn't work) . People who lie . And anyone else who makes me mad . I want everyone to just leave me alone .I don't bother anyone. Why? Because I don't want to be bothered. Once again I'm not asking for much just my privacy. Goddamn you would think I was asking for a million dollars. Apparently, no one likes to see me happy. You know what you all die? Die slowly while I watch. If you're lucky it won't be me who delivers it, cause I have a few ideas for a few of you ......that's it.


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