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He's already thinking about someone else . Pushed aside for someone else.Guess I was too much of a burden. Guess he just wants to start over. Maybe I should too ? Not now . Whatever . I knew this was going to happen . It's like one step forward five thousand back .There isn't really much to say . My words don't matter . I'm tired of it all . This is why I don't try.This is why I don't trust people.This is why I don't like being social.This is why I said fuck love. Love means nothing.Love is nothing but an over-rated word .Forever doesn't exist.This is why I hate opening up.You give everything in you just to not be appreciated and virtually spit on.That's a piece of my heart I'll never get back .
I regret that night .I regret January 2,2010 .I regret sneaking out .I regret those nights that followed.I regret going against PCP code.I regret saying I love you.I regret letting myself believe.I regret the tears I've spent through this relationship.I regret forgiving you for that kiss.I regret meeting you.

I regret January 23,2010

You become this vulnerable bitter person. Yet again I was right . So again I say fuck men. Fuck people.Trust no one.It all comes down to no one giving a fuck about you but you .Remember that.
One more year of school then I can just completely disappear . I can't even get though summer without almost losing it .Whatever . Goodbye.


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