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So apparently (according to my mother)

  • My make-up makes me look like a whore
  • I'm depressed for no reason
  • .....and I need to get over it
  • I'm an angry person because there's something deep down in me that I regret
  • I only get excited about life when I have plans....with friends
  • .....
  • and there are so many things wrong with me, but I still think I'm better than everyone .
SO class, let us address these statements . My face is my face .You may not waste your time covering up your splotchy face, but I take pride in how I look. Don't be jealous you can't pull it off. Next, I'm always depressed I have a reason to be. I don't bother you .I don't come crying to you. I don't even see you , but twice in a day.and bitch you get the fuck over it.Suck my dick while your at it.Third, Sure I'm angry but in no way does it affect you nor should you want it too. I hold in so much ,bite my tongue as much as I can . The only thing deep down is me pondering why am I so scared to do ...... I'll let your mind run with that. I don't like spending time with you in any form.No that will not change so get over it . Excuse me for enjoying the company that doesn't make me want to spit on them every time they talk. Lastly, thank you for again putting words in my mouth. If anyone thinks too much of themselves it's you . You think that everything you tell me is like god himself. Fuck you and him ....The End


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