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Is it just me or do the majority of Asians hang out with Asians?
Like don't get me wrong I love Asians I go to the mall with them in fact one of my best friends is Asian .I'm just saying it's kinda weird .Not weird in a way like when a contortionist (a bendy person) can touch the back of their head to their butt,but weird like how an owl, any owl at that make the same exact sound every time *random I know*
It's like they have an Asian radar or something .In school they surround themselves with themselves . Parties ,There's always that hott Asian guy that all the girls go gaga over ,even though in reality he's trying to scope out that hott Asian girl to dance with.In the halls at school 9/10 of the girls have Asian boyfriends,but they're cute together .And isn't it cool how every Asian somehow knows every Asian. When I talk to my friends from other schools they know all my Asian friends from my school it's funny actually.


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