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Guys are so ..........I don't even know.I can't even pinpoint the one problem that makes them suck so much ass.Why would you pretend to be something/someone you're not.You let something go on for so long just to ruin it with out a word.You make her feel special just to treat her like crap in then end.Her friends tell her you're no good but they see how much you make her happy so they slowly adapt the fact that you're staying.She has that feeling in the back of her head that somethings wrong but ignores it because she "thinks" this is what shes been waiting for.You spend i'm sorry "waste" your time with her (shit you even tell her that you love her.).Is it out of pity or are you just getting tired of her and ready to get a new toy to play around with.Use the same tactics for the next girl.She thinks you could be the one,the one that's gonna be that perfect boyfriend.So she waits not wanting to rush with anything.So you play along to see what it ends like.Son of a bitch.Is that you're game,because if it is one day someones gonna beat you.Now I won't say you should burn in hell because i'm not that type of person.And for all I care you can catch a fucking std.Who knows maybe you're dick will magically off.Oh God Let us Pray that it Does.I'll be waiting.People like you will never find you're special someone.Sucks doesn't it.Yea I know.Hmm it feels good to let it out because after the last period of this entry i'll be completely over it ,you're game and You .And when I rip up the last piece of you left i'm gonna unplug you ,you're life from mine entirely.


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