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Do you know a guy that's living on El' Desperato Boulevard.That one guy that spends countless hours looking for a girlfriend on myspace.Sending unwanted comments.Asking for numbers,and if they're lucky they might get one out of the 12 every other month.The sad but almost pathetic part about this is that the girl more than likely gave her number out for pity or because she couldn't find a nice way to say no.She doesn't want you to call her or text her so don't.Just be lucky your ass got the damn number and quit while you're ahead.Those guys that do a little extra because they know they need to ,to "stand out" ....Yeah desperate! So what makes a guy foolhardy .Hmmmm.A guy that can't take a hint.You know that one guy ,that no matter how many different ways you try to end a conversation he always finds something to drag it along.So I'll end this with a word of advise girls don't lead a guy on and guys get a life.


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